NAGPRA Inventories and Notices

UC Davis NAGPRA Inventories and Notices

UC Davis’s NAGPRA Inventories were submitted to potentially affiliated tribes with invitations to consult and the National Park Service in 1995 and subsequently by the deadlines established by the future applicability regulations. In 1995 cultural affiliation determinations were made based on available information, primarily linguistic and archaeological information.

Inventories are currently being systematically re-evaluated in consultation with tribes to re-consider cultural affiliation determinations and ensure accuracy and completeness. UC Davis is actively engaged with tribes to better understand traditional lines of evidence as well as consider newly available scientific information. In addition, UC Davis is systematically reviewing collections and consulting to ensure all eligible materials, human remains and funerary objects, are included on revised Inventories. Through this review process, UC Davis has identified a significant number of objects determined to be funerary objects and additional human remains, and added them to revised Inventories.

County/Location Site UC Davis Accession Number Notice Publication Date Transfer of Control
Alameda CA-ALA-413, Santa Rita Village Site 499    
Alaska Barrow MWFB- Barrow 5/11/2016 Yes
Amador CA-AMA-56, Applegate Site 17    
Arizona (Lake Mead area)   430    
Calaveras Mokelumne Hill 442 5/8/2020 Yes
Colusa CA-COL-1, Miller Mound 38    
Colusa CA-COL-11 47 8/13/2008; Correction Notice 08/20/2020 Yes
Colusa CA-COL-1 38A 8/13/2008; Correction Notice 08/20/2020 Yes
Contra Costa CA-CCO-146, Mass Site 67    
El Dorado Mameluke Hill C. Hart Merriam 11/13/2018 Yes
El Dorado and Placer CA-ELD-90, CA-ELD-93, CA-PLA-101, Near Hawver Cave 32 10/17/2018 Pending
Lake CA-LAK-152, 153 52 07/07/2009; Notice Correction 10/10/2020 Pending
Lake CA-LAK-471 286 12/06/2018 Yes
Lassen CA-LAS-989, Bare Cave 6 06/04/2012 Yes
Lassen Unknown 438 06/04/2012 Yes
Modoc CA-MOD-250 1 06/01/2006 Yes
Modoc CA-MOD-419 68 06/01/2006 Yes
Modoc CA-MOD-305, Franklin Creek Site 75    
Napa CA-NAP-448, Gordon Site 150    
Napa CA-NAP-539, Davis Site 265    
Oregon (Lake Co) 32-LK-3212, Garrett Site, Along Drews Creek 248    
Sacramento CA-SAC-43, Brazil Site 35    
Sacramento CA-SAC-725, Murieta Recreation Area 1, along the Southern Bank of the Consumnes River 391 08/03/2020 Pending
Sacramento Near Hood 462 08/03/2020  
San Joaquin CA-SJO-112, Bear Creek Site 184    
San Joaquin East of Terminus, Near Tower Park 429    
San Joaquin Unknown 439    
San Lois Obispo/Santa Barbara   MWFB- Cuyama Valley    
Santa Barbara Santa Rosa Island 436 06/01/2006 Yes
Solano CA-SOL-270, Cook Site 2    
Solano CA-SOL-11; Jones Site 16    
Solano CA-SOL-271, Olmo Site 66    
Solano CA-SOL-364 426    
Solano or Yolo Along the Solano Monticello Canal (Border of Solano and Yolo Counties) 431    
Solano or Yolo Putah Creek 434    
Sonoma CA-SON-861 372 8/20/2009 Yes
Unknown Unknown 432    
Unknown Unknown 435    
Unknown Unknown 440    
Unknown Unknown 441    
Unknown Unknown 443    
Unknown Unknown 463    
Unknown Unknown 464    
Yolo CA-YOL-117, Glide Site 4    
Yolo CA-YOL-17 33 8/13/2008; Correction Notice 12/06/2018 Yes
Yolo CA-YOL-13, Mustang Mound 37    
Yolo CA-YOL-130 40    
Yolo CA-YOL-110, Karn Site 41    
Yolo CA-YOL-171 419    
Yolo Putah Creek 428    
Yolo CA-YOL-S103 461    
Yolo CA-YOL-118 MWFB-First and A 5/11/2016 Yes